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SZTUKA - the Polish word which means 'art' or 'skill' as well as a 'trick' or a 'piece'. In Russian 'sztuka' is a 'thing' or an 'item' while in the old times the word was a synonym of art, an example of craftsmanship, masterwork. 
The idea to call the shop SZTUKA was inspired by the exhibition "Polish advertising poster of the XIX-XX centuries" at the Pushkinsky Museum, Moscow. The posters were made by artists from the modernist partnership "SZTUKA" created in Krakow in 1897 aiming to approve and promote new forms of art. We liked etymological play and graphical inscription of the word. The posters themselves were great too.
Most of the products in the shop are designed and created by us, except things which we bring from travels and some handcrafts by our friends.
If we were trying to formulate our philosophy we would use the words: harmony, nature, simplicity, taking care, but we hope that what we do shows it better.

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