вторник, 9 июля 2013 г.

Forrested away.

When summer began this year...actually, it was spring yet, but it was surprisingly very warm, so we decided to go to the sea.  Just two hours by car away from Saint-Petersburg, and we found ourselves in the forest where blueberries blossomed, and there was no one but us. Suddenly, one of us tangled in rusty barbed wire invisible in dry pine needles.  Then we saw a rusty 'danger' sign, signalling the beginning of the restricted area and unexpectedly we came out on  an old narrow asphalt road cutting the forest. We started talking quieter. Until we stumbled across a round concrete bunker. "Someone was shooting from the inside"- we came closer to the door of the installation disfigured with bullet holes. That's where imagination ran riot.

We guessed that this was one of the old Soviet military units which were numerous along the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Now the buildings are completely abandoned in the wonderful forest just like in post-apocalypse movies.

Then we walked out to the sea.

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